A Year’s Difference

So much can happen in a year. Everything is completely different than it was this time a year ago, in the best way. Twelve months ago, I was basically living out of my car, my band was gone, and I was in the worst mental state I’ve ever been in my life. Flash forward to now, my band doesn’t only exist again, but is continuing to flourish. We just released an album that means the entire world to me, and that my bandmates and I are all incredibly proud of, and in just twelve days, we begin our first tour. Wild. I’m having a hard time believing that this is all actually real. I really want to thank everyone who has continued to support me. My wonderful friends who stuck by me during the transition (you know who you are), the fans who didn’t give up on me, the beautiful souls that I’m lucky to be playing with now, and of course Aaron for believing in me and my music for the last four years. I couldn’t have done it all without your guidance and support.

The coolest thing about “Sharone & The Wind” now, is it’s not just me. It’s Alex, my best friend Michelle, Anthony, Zach, and our extremely talented friend Nic, all working their asses off along side of me to bring you all of the epic recordings, music videos, and shows. All I ever wanted was to find my people that I could create with freely, and I’m so blessed to have found them.

Sorry this was a little sappy, I’m feeling sentimental. Denver, come see me and my crew rock our goth hearts out at Moe’s on June 2nd as we begin our #TourofTerror. It would mean the world to me to see all of my friends there.

I love you all.

Rock & Roll be with you.

Haunted House


This week I’ll talk about Haunted House. To be honest, I’ve never actually gone to a haunted house around Halloween time or anything. But this song is about the time I lived in one, or the epitome of one. It’s a rather angry song, but most of that anger is directed at myself for being oblivious to various red flags that were screaming everything I needed to know right in my face. For some reason I chose to ignore those signs. Maybe I was being optimistic. Maybe I was being naive. Who knows. I put myself around people who I thought I could trust. I opened up to them, and I put my world in their hands, only to watch them set it on fire and toss me into the ashes. I was in a horrific environment, and it almost got the best of me. As soon as I realized what was going on, I knew I had to leave immediately. I’m sure as hell glad I did. It all left me a little cynical, and careful with who I choose to trust.

“I’m scared that she’d watch me at night, and that they were after me all that time. A conspiracy I didn’t know about. I was oblivious. Blood-curdling screams fill the halls, the living room’s a cold disturbance. Evil laughs echo all night long in my haunted house.”




This week I’ve chosen to talk about “Graveyard”. This was the first song I wrote for the album. I originally wrote it before the lineup change, and those set of lyrics were more about the things that I was noticing around me and the heartbreak and loss of trust. I called it “No Trust” at the time. I set the song aside as the dissolution was occurring. I just didn’t have the motivation to be writing. After the change, I felt so angry. I went back to the song and ended up rewriting most of the lyrics and the song became more of a burial speech for those who were gone. It’s my empowerment song. Sometimes change is the best thing that could happen to you.

“Getting stronger by the minute, treat me one rose at a time. I don’t want to face the night alone with little or nothing haunting my soul. Mind my heart, I feel like I’m losing a nation. If only for a moment, we’ll walk through the graveyard.”



I have something on my mind that I thought I’d share. Feel free to ignore.

An advantage of “quiet” people is that they notice more details than others. I often get told that I’m a quiet person. That’s only true if I’m uncomfortable with you, so take that as you will. There are very few people in my life who I feel comfortable opening up to. I always go to shows with the intention of socializing and interacting with people, but most of the time I end up quietly watching the bands from the back of the venue then immediately leaving unless someone approaches me for conversation.

Believe it or not I’m actually a very shy person, and I’ve come to a place where I’ve learned to be okay with that. I don’t try to force myself to be anything other than who I am.

I notice a lot more than people probably realize. I pick up on little details that sometimes tell me everything I need to know. Those details show me who I can trust and who I can’t, who respects me and who doesn’t, and the difference between someone who is my friend and someone who is faking it.

It’s so important to be honest. I’m not saying we should all be completely transparent, that would destroy the beauty of mystery. All I’m saying is don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and don’t pretend to be someone’s friend if you’re not. That’s one of the worst things you can do to someone. Be good to each other, be honest, and be yourselves. I hope you all have a great weekend.



This week I thought I’d shed some light on “Exorcist”. This song was inspired by and named after the 1973 William Friedkin film. I wrote it about feeling possessed by my anxiety and acknowledging its control over me and the effect it had on my behavior and thoughts. I came to a point where I was paranoid about everything, and even afraid to leave my house at times. Writing this song brought me to the realization that rather than trying to keep pushing myself 100% constantly like I had been, it was necessary for me to take some time for myself to confront what I went through, and heal.

“Exorcism give me life. I need to find my mind. Save me from the devil inside.” – the devil being anxiety. I am very pleased to say that I have exorcised the anxiety which possessed me, and I can finally say that I am truly okay.

Have a lovely week, Stormchasers.


One Year of Storm

Happy birthday to Storm! My first full-band album came out a year ago today. A lot has changed since then, and I’ve grown a lot as a songwriter and as a woman since this album came out. Obviously I’m way more excited about Enchiridion of Nightmares, but Storm will always have a special place in my heart. The title track continues to resonate with me and lead me down my chosen path.

“In my eyes you see the lightening burning up in me. You’re gravitating towards space catastrophically. Injecting rain into my veins, I’m wondering when the storm will take me away. When will the storm just take me away?”




For the next few weeks, every Monday I’ll be picking a song off of our new album to talk about. This week I chose “Cursed”.

This is probably my favorite song on the whole album. Where as the rest of the tracks are about dealing with situations and putting them behind me, this song is one that I continue to strongly identify with. It’s about feeling lost and alone as an artist, feeling that people don’t care for what you do. It’s about a continuous fear of ending up alone and losing the people around you. It’s about trying to force yourself to notice change around you, rather than drawing parallels to the past that aren’t there. It’s easy to feel alone at times. Writing this song allowed me to open my eyes to the positivity I’ve been blessed with. I think we all feel a little cursed sometimes. This song is for all of us. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you. You’ve got this.

“I guess it’s hard to rid my mind of these thoughts that turn me blind, I guess they follow me all the time.”