Channeling chaos into art, Sharone erupted onto the Denver music scene as a solo artist in 2014 playing local DIY venues; since then she has gone on to play venues such as Marquis Theater and Gothic Theater, opening for bands such as One-Eyed-Doll, Lola Black, and Hell’s Belles. The atmospheric and melodramatic music of Evanescence and the psychedelic blues of Black Sabbath inspired Sharone to start performing her music live, and to eventually form her rock band, Sharone & The Wind, in 2016.  

Despite sustaining a dark and nearly melancholy tone on recordings, the band’s live shows are nothing short of energetic, full of heavy piano riffs, pulsing rhythms, and enthralling theatrics. From emerging from a coffin to jumping off of monitors, Sharone and The Wind capture the interest of each audience member through their piercing stage chemistry and ever-growing theatrics.

In the spring of 2017, Sharone left her mark on the Denver music scene with the release of her first full-band album ‘Storm’. Following the release, underwent a complete lineup change, and came back stronger than ever with the reincarnation of “The Wind”: Alex Goldsmith on guitar, Michelle Bailey on piano, Zach Barrera on bass, and Anthony Hester on drums. The band represents their darker and more confident rebirth on their recent sophomore album, ‘Enchiridion of Nightmares’ released April 13th, 2018. 

“Like a series of dark fairy tales, Enchiridion of Nightmares the new album from dark rockers Sharone and The Wind captivates, seduces, and haunts. Each of its notes, let alone songs, comes with a shadow to their beauty, melancholy to their light, and intimacy to their grandeur  with it all colluding in an adventure which just steals the imagination from everyday reality.

There is a rich cinematic and theatre-esque feel to Enchiridion of Nightmares which equally adds to its captivation; indeed its songs entwine an influence of horror movies, vintage and modern, into their personal nightmares. With just as richly layered and dramatic sounds to its exploration, the album is a persistent unveiling of new twists and shadows listen by listen. On our first meeting intrigue soaked the pleasure, through a couple more captivation, each subsequent listen leading to the inescapable bewitchment these words spring from.” -The Ringmaster Review

The band followed up the release with an exhilarating west coast tour, and is currently working on writing their third album. With a witch hat on her head and an eye on the horizon, Sharone and her team of spooky rockers are destined for success in the metal and goth rock realm.