A Year’s Difference

So much can happen in a year. Everything is completely different than it was this time a year ago, in the best way. Twelve months ago, I was basically living out of my car, my band was gone, and I was in the worst mental state I’ve ever been in my life. Flash forward to now, my band doesn’t only exist again, but is continuing to flourish. We just released an album that means the entire world to me, and that my bandmates and I are all incredibly proud of, and in just twelve days, we begin our first tour. Wild. I’m having a hard time believing that this is all actually real. I really want to thank everyone who has continued to support me. My wonderful friends who stuck by me during the transition (you know who you are), the fans who didn’t give up on me, the beautiful souls that I’m lucky to be playing with now, and of course Aaron for believing in me and my music for the last four years. I couldn’t have done it all without your guidance and support.

The coolest thing about “Sharone & The Wind” now, is it’s not just me. It’s Alex, my best friend Michelle, Anthony, Zach, and our extremely talented friend Nic, all working their asses off along side of me to bring you all of the epic recordings, music videos, and shows. All I ever wanted was to find my people that I could create with freely, and I’m so blessed to have found them.

Sorry this was a little sappy, I’m feeling sentimental. Denver, come see me and my crew rock our goth hearts out at Moe’s on June 2nd as we begin our #TourofTerror. It would mean the world to me to see all of my friends there.

I love you all.

Rock & Roll be with you.

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