Haunted House


This week I’ll talk about Haunted House. To be honest, I’ve never actually gone to a haunted house around Halloween time or anything. But this song is about the time I lived in one, or the epitome of one. It’s a rather angry song, but most of that anger is directed at myself for being oblivious to various red flags that were screaming everything I needed to know right in my face. For some reason I chose to ignore those signs. Maybe I was being optimistic. Maybe I was being naive. Who knows. I put myself around people who I thought I could trust. I opened up to them, and I put my world in their hands, only to watch them set it on fire and toss me into the ashes. I was in a horrific environment, and it almost got the best of me. As soon as I realized what was going on, I knew I had to leave immediately. I’m sure as hell glad I did. It all left me a little cynical, and careful with who I choose to trust.

“I’m scared that she’d watch me at night, and that they were after me all that time. A conspiracy I didn’t know about. I was oblivious. Blood-curdling screams fill the halls, the living room’s a cold disturbance. Evil laughs echo all night long in my haunted house.”


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