Is The Artistic Life Lonely?

I recently did an interview in which I was asked if the artistic life of being in a band was lonely. It took me a while to compile a response since the question felt a bit more personal than I was comfortable with. For a really long time it was very lonely. I felt 100% on my own for my first year of being with a band. It sometimes still is lonely. There are times where I get stuck in band mode and I isolate myself from everyone and hide in my lair writing songs, storyboarding music videos, booking shows for tour, or getting things ready for our upcoming releases or shows. I’m comfortable being there. But sometimes you also want to be able to pull yourself out of that and be around people who are passionate about the same things that you are so you can create the vision together. And I must say, it feels incredibly comforting to finally have a band that’s like a family. I don’t care if that’s cliche.

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