Reflection. Happy New Year.

I always find myself being very reflective and nostalgic as years come to close. Despite releasing my first album with a full band, the beginning of this year, and especially the middle of the year, were hell for me. I went through some really difficult changes and learned a lot about myself and who my real friends are. All this time of growth and change allowed me to find the perfect band members, and brought a lot of new music out of me. Writing music isn’t just what I do, it’s the fire that burns inside of me that I have to release or it’ll kill me. I wrote our second album this summer, and the period in which I wrote it was nothing short of therapeutic. I got everything out of me that was lingering inside and hurting me, and it was, and still is, my proudest work. I can’t wait to set these songs free into the world next year, and to go on tour with all of my favorite people. This year was a learning experience, and next year I’ll put all of that knowledge towards progress and more great experiences. If there’s one thing I learned in the last 12 months, it’s that they weren’t joking when I was a kid, things do get better. And the bad things that happen to us are just learning experiences and tests of character. Everything will be okay in the end. Here’s to a great new year. Cheers, my friends.

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