My Life Outside of Music

Someone recently asked me about my life outside of music. The truth is that doesn’t really exist. Since I’ve been able to (I won’t go into that right now), I’ve spent every single day doing something for my music. I haven’t been able to ever find anything that makes me feel as happy or fulfilled as playing a show does, or writing a song that I’m really proud of. I can’t ever imagine myself doing anything else. Yeah, I have a job and everything, but even at work I’m constantly thinking about my next move within the band, or creating a melody in my head, or planning out our next set or music video. No matter how things are supposed to turn out, I’m going to keep putting all of my waking life into my art, and into my band. I love them so much, and I want us to keep doing cool things together, so we will. I wouldn’t be alive without my music, so I’m putting everything into it…just my thoughts at the moment. 

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