I realized it was okay to be hurt. New music is coming.

We start tracking for our new album in four days. Our “Night of Terror” show is in two weeks (Oct 28th). The storyline we’ve created for our set for this show is very likely going to end up making it my favorite show we will have played thus far. The new album has been a story in itself. I wrote the first four songs in the time that it took Alex and I to find the perfect members for The Wind. A couple months after having found them, I came home one day and wrote the remainder of the songs for the album over a 7 hour period. 

“Graveyard” was the first song that I wrote for this album, weeks before the first one even came out. I wrote it as a burial speech. I felt angry, and I poured that feeling into the song. One day, while discussing the muse behind it, I was asked, “are you angry, or are you hurt?”. And I immediately broke down. I was completely heartbroken, I was devastated, I was scared that I might have lost everything I spent my whole life working towards, and I was absolutely hurt. That was the day I realized what the real meaning behind it was for me. There was a combination of sadness, anger, and fear behind writing “Graveyard”, and that ended up being the inspiration for the rest of the album. I let myself feel everything while writing these songs. I allowed myself to feel sad, hurt, angry, powerful, and afraid, and not be ashamed of any of it.

The day I wrote the last six songs for the album, I reminded myself that it was healthy to feel those things. I thought it was time for a long overdue intense therapy session, and I knew that I just needed to sit down and write. I texted Alex and told him I was going to finish our album that day. He said there was no way. The rest of that day looked like something along the lines of: take a drink, cry, write, and repeat. Six times. I put everything I was feeling on paper, and onto the piano. I finished the album that day. I definitely surprised both Alex and myself. I don’t want to spoil too much about the rest of the songs, but every single one of them is emotional, and extremely personal to me. I wrote this album for myself. I just needed it. 

As the songs get scarier, so do our lives shows. Our Halloween show, “Sharone & The Wind’s Night of Terror”, is the perfect opportunity to present some songs off the new album, in an elaborate and spooky way. I don’t want to give away any surprises, but this will be a show you do not want to miss. We have a lot in store for all of you. Not just at this show, but for the next year.

Thanks for reading through all of this if you did, thanks for sticking with us, thanks for listening to our music and coming out to shows, thank you for giving me an outlet. I love you all so much.

There’s a new energy within the band. It’s full of love and laughter. It’s beautiful. My bandmates have my heart. We’re bringing new music and new surprises your way soon. In the meantime, we’ll see you at Moe’s on the 28th.


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