I wrote a song for our new album called “Graveyard”. It has the equivalent importance to me that the title track of ‘Storm’ did. It’s all of my anger and sadness channeled into music. When I was writing it, the very thing I was writing about was in the process of happening, and I was seeing it; I was seeing all the red flags. I knew it was coming, but I was trying to look passed the signs because I wanted so badly for it to work out. I wrote down what I was feeling and a song came from it. After the dust settled, and what I feared was happening became a reality, I realized what the song actually meant when I wrote it, and how meaningful it is to me. Whenever that happens with a song, I know it’s special. Whenever I can explain to someone what I’m feeling with excerpts of lyrics from a song I’ve written, I know it’s dear to me. Those are always the songs I’m most proud of. I can’t wait to start recording this fall so I can share it with all of you. And we’ll play “Graveyard” at our show with One-Eyed Doll on September 30th at Lost Lake, so come check it out. $20 a ticket.

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