Show Week Thoughts

Since the birth of the Wind was announced, every day became about promoting, networking, and evolving the sound off my music. Ever since the band came together, I’ve worked every single day to progress it. I spent 15 years of my life being told that music was a silly hobby for me and that I needed to think realistically about my life. For a while I believed it, until playing my first solo show in March 2014 and realizing that it was exactly what I was meant to be doing. Two and a half years later, I started my band, and I’ve given it everything in my power in order to give that little girl from my past the empowerment and satisfaction of making her dreams come true. I’m not going to dwell on any of the obstacles, because I’ve gone from getting “oh, you play music?” to being recognized by strangers and getting “are you Sharone from Sharone & The Wind?”, and I’d say that’s pretty damn cool. In the past year I struggled through four lineup changes until starting on a clean slate with a brand new group that’s giving more than I could have imagined to the music, as well as the band as a whole. I don’t know how I managed toget so lucky. I’m thankful for the power in the stars that’s brought me to where I am today, to where I’m headed, and for putting my band on the stage of the Marquis Theater this Friday. 12 year old me is probably losing her shit right now.

See you all in four days.

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